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What's new in sustainable textiles? In today's newsletter, 'Sustainability and Textiles', the Texpertise Network will report on, amongst other things, innovations in technical textiles, upcycling, new eco-fashion labels, blogs and platforms. And, in an exclusive article, Jana Kern investigates just how sustainable Europe's medium-sized textile companies are.

The Texpertise Network, with its 40 international events, is the world's largest network of trade fair and sector experts in textiles and apparel. Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic and the market for environmentally and socially acceptable textiles is growing.

Sustainability and Textiles Team

How sustainable are Europe's medium-sized businesses?

When we talk about sustainability in the fashion sector, we always come up with the same names. But what are the others actually doing about it?


Marks & Spencer, H&M, C&A, Nike, Adidas and Puma, not forgetting the pioneers like Patagonia and HessNatur. Here and there, the odd up-and-coming young designer label. And, of course, the apparent black sheep like Takko, KiK and their like mustn't be left out of the equation. In discussions about sustainability, it always comes back to the same companies in the end. But what about the others? Jana Kern has been investigating and has talked to German, Dutch and Danish manufacturers about their commitment to sustainability. A snapshot of European middle-sized companies.


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Acknowledgement: Atelier Gardeur

ecowool – a new line in woollens from Lanius

Kind to the environment, animal-friendly and consumer-oriented: Lanius has developed a new line in wool.


Wool that is organically produced and processed in an environmentally acceptable way has, for quite a while now, presented an obstacle for the eco-fashion sector. Sheep-dipping, mulesing, anti-pilling finish, chlorine bleaches – for a long time there have not been any real ecologically acceptable alternative procedures.
Now, at the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin, Lanius are presenting their new collection made from an innovative raw material - ecowool.


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Acknowledgement: Lanius ecowool

Innovative textiles: fabrics that create energy

Thanks to an innovative push, increased efficiency and growing demand, so-called 'smart' textiles are on the verge of a commercial breakthrough.


Energy-producing fabrics, heat-conducting fibres – things that sound like science fiction have long since become reality. And after the enormous growth potential that has been predicted for several years now, we seem to be approaching the point at which 'smart' textiles will be celebrating their arrival on the scene.


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The new online platform 'GET CHANGED!' The Fair Fashion Network is targeted at 'Green' retailers, labels and experts, as well as anyone who would like to be!


The complex relationships within global textile and apparel production remains a closed book even for many insiders in the sector. The creators of the new online platform 'GET CHANGED!', Katharina Wehrli and Mark Starmanns, have made it their goal to interpret that expert knowledge in an intelligible fashion and to present information to a fashion-conscious community on everything from producers to retailers, in both its positive and critical aspects. 


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Making new from old

From university graduates and young designers to well-known manufacturers – the home-textiles sector has discovered upcycling.


How can we create something new from the things we throw away? That is a question that does not only preoccupy young designers, it is increasingly also one that concerns the major manufacturers of carpets and textiles for the bathroom, the dining table and the bedroom.


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Ensemble versus differentiated individuality

Eco Labels to watch from the Berlin Fashion Week.


Sophisticated lines, high-tech materials, skilfully orchestrated extravagance – the "Green" labels of the Berlin Fashion Week are becoming more varied and more glamorous from one season to the next.


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Acknowledgement: Myuli

Ecostyle: new ordering platform for sustainable lifestyle products

From next August there will be a new ordering platform in Germany for sustainable life-style products. Ecostyle will take place from 24 to 26 August 2013 in parallel to the consumer-goods fair Tendence in Frankfurt.


Next summer, the newly launched trade fair, Ecostyle – created specifically with orders in mind – will, for the first time, be presenting ecologically acceptable and fairly traded lifestyle products from various consumer areas all together in the one place. An advisory committee of experts will check, in advance, that all the products exhibited meet the sustainability requirements that are the platform's centre of focus. Lectures and seminars will complete the programme at the new trade fair.


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Sustainability at Interstoff Asia Essential in Hong Kong

Seven seminars to throw light on ecological and social aspects of the textile industry.


How do we reduce our CO2 footprint? What certification and labels are available and what do they stand for? These and other issues will be considered at length during two days of seminars at Interstoff Asia Essential - Spring (13 and 14 March 2013) in Hong Kong.


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Texpertise tip:

Experts report, in the Heimtextil blog, on issues surrounding sustainability.


More and more companies in the home and contract textiles sector are beginning to address the issues surrounding ecology, environmental protection and social responsibility. There is a section specifically for this in the blog at


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